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Increasing energy efficiency

Reducing the cost of electricity asic miners
more than 4 times!

The miners developed by MSRise work more effectively than similar solutions of competitors by more than 4 times, while their cost is at the same level.

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Who are we?

We are a company MSRise, which is ready to change the sphere of mining cryptocurrency assets by significantly improving the efficiency of devices for their production. A thorough analysis of existing solutions and a huge experience of the team brought an excellent result in the form of an existing development that has energy efficiency more than 4 times higher than that of competitors!

About us
Why our project?

Why our project?

What do we offer?

The company's team offers you to become part of a breakthrough in the field of mining cryptocurrency, each of the site visitors can contribute to the development of the project and the implementation of global goals.

The main goals of the project:

  • Reduce the negative impact of mining cryptocurrency on the environment;
  • Reduce the monopolization of the mining equipment market by proposing a new competitive solution.
  • In the face of falling prices for cryptocurrency assets to maintain the effectiveness of mining above zero.


The project is implemented through ICO MSRise

Conducting an ICO will allow you to achieve project goals as efficiently and quickly as possible.