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For a successful and quick project implementation, MSRise decided to hold an ICO.

In May 2019, the company begins to raise funds as part of Pre-ICO, attracting funds to complete the process of creating design documentation, creating and testing an industrial design.

After that, in the fall of 2019, the company conducts an ICO, the purpose of which is to raise funds for organizing a preliminary appointment and launching a new miner into mass production. The proceeds in excess of this money will be spent on creating a network of company service and sales centers.

As part of pre-ICO and ICO, the company distributes MSRise tokens to investors. These tokens are not analogous to a company's security. The owner of the tokens has the opportunity after launching miners in development to mass production to purchase these miners for project tokens at their nominal value, at a price 20% lower than the selling price of MSRise. Miners are delivered to project investors earlier than those who formed a pre-order, without acquiring project tokens.

In addition, investors who do not want to acquire mining equipment can pay for project tokens other MSRise services at a discount of up to 20%, including but not limited to:

  • MSRise cold cryptocurrency wallets;
  • Services of the MSRise proprietary payment system, which provides for converting cryptocurrencies into fiat funds with the possibility of cash withdrawal at ATMs throughout the world.

If necessary (for example, in case pre-orders for mining equipment turn out to be significantly higher than expected), the company will not issue additional tokens, but will attract borrowed funds to maximize the capacity utilization.

Mining equipment will be made in China. Capacities of those productions with which the MSRise signed a Memorandum on joint activities for the production of mining equipment.

ICO details

Indicator Value
Total emissions 50 million MSRise tokens with a nominal price of 5 euro cents
Period of crowdfunding Pre-ICO from May 01, 2019 to July 31, 2019
ICO from September 01, 2019 to November 30, 2019
Investors are suggested MSRise Utility Tokens issued according to the ERC-20 standard, which can be exchanged starting from January 1, 2020 for MSRise products and services according to the company's price list, at a nominal value with a discount of up to 20%
Pre-ICO 10-20 million MSRise tokens
ICO 28-38 million MSRise tokens
Total collection About 2 million euros
Emission control Non-placed ICO tokens are burned at the end of the crowdfunding period.

Differences from competitors

The majority of ICO in mining today is related to the development of IT solutions. It is no secret that a well-written and well-compiled program can improve mining performance. But, by now, we are already talking about the percentage increase in productivity to the detriment of universality. These percentages are knocked out by developers by tight binding to a specific hardware, with an emphasis on maximizing the load on its computational power. But the load percentage is growing - heat generation and power consumption are also growing during the mining process.

Mining equipment manufacturers rarely go for ICO. The three largest equipment manufacturers are preparing for the initial public offering. And small manufacturers are buying up mining consortiums, not bringing to the primary placement of tokens. We are too small to place shares on the stock exchange. And we value our independence. Therefore, we are entering ICO, offering investor utility tokens that do not give investors the right to manage our project. Even if our ICO is completely redeemed by mining pools, we will retain control over our developments and will not allow one consortiums to constantly gain an advantage over others due to the fact that they have invested in our project. Yes, our investors will receive the equipment before their competitors and somewhat cheaper than competitors. But only within the sum of their investments. In the future, the chances of consortiums to get our equipment will be equal.

We consider our project as an environmental project. It will be established that the need for industry will be less. Even if we can occupy 1% of the market, this will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2 million tons per year.

The project is implemented through ICO MSRise

Conducting an ICO will allow you to achieve project goals as efficiently and quickly as possible.