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With each new step of your development in the company, you climb up the career ladder. In total, we offer 14 steps of the career ladder. When you achieve each of them, you get achievement + recognition from the company.

Beginner's career status is an entry level that is given immediately upon registration on the MSRise website. This status does not provide the access to the referral web link and rewards. The partner is considered inactive.

The activation of the partner status involves purchasing one of six investment packages, after which the partner instantly moves to the new Bronze career level.

Stepping up the career ladder, you will achieve the status of "MSR President" and you will gain complete financial independence in any country of the world.

Lay a solid foundation for organizing your business,
and you can get the right to all group rewards.

The project is implemented through ICO MSRise

Conducting an ICO will allow you to achieve project goals as efficiently and quickly as possible.