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After registering on the company's website, Quick Start bonus gets available. It is valid for 72 hours. During this period of time, you are given the opportunity to receive your first reward by doing three simple steps.

Step 1 Buy one of the six proposed investment packages. 1
Step 2 Invite two partners to the company and register them. 2
Step 3 Offer and help your partners purchase one of six investment packages. 3

You get a one-time reward in frames of this bonus for these simple steps. It is $25 for Basic package, $100 for Standard package, $200 for Triumph package, $1000 for Verizon package, $2000 for ExtraX package and $5000 for Ultimate package.

In case of purchasing various investment packages by you and your partners, the bonus will be counted towards the minimum investment package in your active team bonus group.

After you receive the bonus, the bonus closes and becomes no longer active.

If you fail to complete tasks within 72 hours, the bonus automatically closes and will no longer be available. Proper use of the rules and objectives of the bonus implies a quick and active start of work in the company.

Take the first steps towards your success!

The project is implemented through ICO MSRise

Conducting an ICO will allow you to achieve project goals as efficiently and quickly as possible.