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Road map

The team is currently implementing in addition to the proposed project the following projects in the area of cryptocurrency transactions:

  • Own technology of hardware cryptocurrency wallets.
  • Own payment system.

We will tell about them in more detail.

Company developers have prepared an innovative solution in the field of security of cold cryptocurrency wallets. It is no secret that even cold cryptocurrency wallets are subject to numerous attacks. However, having entered the paranoid mode of protection of hardware wallets (for example, printing out a key, tearing it apart and spreading it out on several bank safes), the user often faces the problem of losing access to funds in these wallets. At the moment, access keys to more than half of Bitcoin cryptocurrency wallets have already been lost. In MSRise have developed an innovative security system that allows you to maximally safely, but while maintaining anonymity, restore lost access to our hardware wallets.

An innovative solution is the so-called "Factory key". It is a multi-level transaction confirmation system. A specially developed OS for MSRise BitKey allows you to sign transactions and perform other account manipulations via a mandatory dual bluetooth and wi-fi connection with triple login confirmation (phone, mobile app, account/accounts). The keys to the wallet are stored on a unique special chip developed by MSRise, protected from hacking.

MSRise’s own payment system is created in partnership with MasterCard. Cryptocurrencies placed on clients' accounts in the MSRise payment system can be converted to any fiat currency and withdrawn at any ATM in the world that accepts MasterCard. MSRise will provide MasterCard with information on how much euro we are willing to pay MasterCard if the user wants to cash out his cryptocurrency. Upon confirmation of the transaction, MSRise buys the cryptocurrency from the user at the internal rate of MSRise and transfers the euro to MasterCard, which converts the euro to the currency required by the client at its internal rate and issues cash in an ATM (or transfers funds to the accounts specified by the client).

In payment system, the user can store up to 6 cryptocurrencies, but at the same time only one cryptocurrency at the client’s choice can be active. The choice will be made through the web interface using a computer or mobile application. It is planned that the payment system in a test mode will be deployed by mid-2020.

First of all, this project was created as an environmentally friendly solution to the problem of using a huge amount of electricity in the field of mining cryptocurrencies, the result of using this amount of energy is the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which is 23 million tons for 2018.

The concomitant result of reducing electricity use is a significant improvement in the efficiency of mining devices.

The project involves the further development and production of equipment that rapidly reduces the energy consumption of mining farms for the extraction of cryptocurrency. The project was created for the following missions:


To reduce the negative impact of mining cryptocurrency on the environment;


To reduce the level of monopolization of the mining equipment market by proposing a new competitive solution;


To reduce the overall prices of equipment, improve the efficiency of mining activities by increasing competition in the market;


For the reason of falling prices for cryptocurrency assets, to maintain the efficiency of mining cryptocurrency above zero.

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The project is implemented through ICO MSRise

Conducting an ICO will allow you to achieve project goals as efficiently and quickly as possible.